All year long, Jobijoba is on the lookout for new technical and commercial profiles, so don’t hesitate to send us a spontaneous application!

Fast fun and serious

Three points which are important for us in Jobijoba company life.

You like pink (at least a little)!

Okay, not true, we love pink! For us, it represents all the optimism in what we believe in and that we hope will be as contagious as possible.

You will run around (a lot)!

We believe in freedom and teamwork to encourage innovation. No departments here, no closed offices, no rigid organization, but stand-up meetings to follow up on projects, poker games for scheduling, brainstorming, coding dojos…the whole company is organized around two-week sprints, which allow for everyone to have permanent visibility of our different projects, in real time.

You’re a (passionate) sharer!

Our creed for teamwork is based on sharing, trust and exchanges. Demos, presentations, team challenges are only some of the ways we share and blow off steam.

You’re (totally not) fun.

Careful, some quirky moments may lie in store: winter and summer parties cooked up by your fellow Jobijobbers, ping-pong tournaments, gourmet lunches, marathons…

In conclusion, beyond all the aforementioned points and in all seriousness, know that our collaboration is something that we build on every day, together.
The proof is that the company values that you’ve just read about are the fruit of the collective work of all our Jobijobbers.

Let us introduce you to the Jobijoba universe

 (French only)

Thomas Allaire, CEO & Founder of Jobijoba

Thomas Allaire presents Jobijoba, its foundations, current projects, but also the profiles sought and the Jobijobish culture!

Olivier - CTO

Olivier easily conveys his cross-functional vision of project management at Jobijoba, but also our agile organization.

Camille - Business developer

Camille reveals her daily life at Jobijoba, the meaning she gives her missions and the reasons that led her straight into the Jobijoba team.

7 pieces of advice before an interview at Jobijoba


Be yourself, be yourself, and last but not least, be yourself!


Don’t hesitate to do some research on JOBIJOBA! We like people who share our values.


Ask any questions that come into your head…except the ones about our mothers-in-law, which are probably best avoided!


Expect little case studies or hypothetical situations. Sometimes, those are better than a long speech!


Ask for a glass of water or two, it’s free!


Tell us about your hobbies, we love hobbies (or not hobbies).


Take a walk around the offices, we’d love to show you around!

Some Jobijobish moments

Summer Party at the top of the Dune du Pilat
Celebration of St. Patrick's Day
Dune du Pilat (but not for long!)
Summer Party in Survivor mode
How sad to see one of our collaborators leave!

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