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10 years of R&D

The expertise of Jobijoba rests on a program of research and development initiated in 2007 with the launch of, a job offer search engine. The collecting and analysis of millions of employment-related data items during these 10 years has allowed us to create big data algorithms, which are capable today of answering employment-related problems which are both complex and precise.

A 360-degree view

Based on the reality of the online employment market, Jobijoba’s solutions benefit from a 360° view of employment data, juxtaposed with the specificities of each intermediary. Objective and consolidated, employment data has never been so within your reach.


Technical skill and employment expertise come together at the heart of a colorful team in order to solve your problems in the most precise way possible: data scientists, employment and training experts or even ergonomists working together to build your tools for tomorrow.

Our studies


2017 – A study on the impact of the EOLE project on the job market in the west of Paris.

“Great Regions” Barometers

2016 -Retrospective of the year 2016 regarding the situation of permanent employment in the French metropolitan regions and in the overseas territories.

(French only)

Access to the 2016 “Great Regions” barometers

Terra Nova

2016 -The job market in large urban spaces. A study carried out in partnership with the Terra Nova think tank.

(French only)

Access to the study

Sud Ouest Barometer

2015 -Analysis of seasonal work in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region for the Sud Ouest newspaper

Isere Barometer

2015 – An image of the job market in the Isère region. Study carried out for the consulting firm Semaphores.

(French only)

Access to the document

Energy and digital transition

2016 -Study on evolutions in careers and training. Carried out for the consulting firm Semaphores.
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Training and skills for software editors in France.

2016 – Identifying recruitment needs and skills required by professionals, for the consulting firm Lafayette Associés.

(French only)

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Our dynamic barometers


2016 – Revision of the dashboard of employment and training policies for the DARES (direction of research, studies and statistics for the French employment ministry)

(French only)

Acces to PoEm


2015 -Dynamic observatory of digital, engineering, studies, consulting and event-related careers

(French only)

See the dynamic observatory of these careers

Sud Ouest dynamic barometer

2015 -Real-time indicators of the current state of employment in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region, for the Sud Ouest newspaper

(French only)

Access to the dynamic barometer

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